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A mini "Lab" in Switzerland

Today we want to introduce you to an interesting project from Switzerland. Yes, in our small country there are also initiative kinksters that make a lot of effort for the fetish community. Not everyone can always travel to the big cities to have fun. All the better that there is a new meeting place in the French-speaking part of Switzerland for guys who are into Sox, sneaks, biker gear and workwear.

The association "Swissgayfetish" regularly organizes parties in its location. Admittedly, the event is not exactly central, in the middle of small villages in the country. The journey from whichever region is definitely worth it. We went to visit for the first time last fall and had a pretty great night. With a lot of passion, the club's board has designed a 70 square meter location where you can meet and get to know each other, but also have fun. The guys are pretty professional and have copied a lot from well-known clubs like the Underground in Munich, the Lab in Berlin or the Hot Dog in Milan. Everyone receives a number at the entrance, can safely stow valuables and pays for the drinks consumed at the bar at the end. During our visit there was nice techno playing and we really liked the ambience based on an industrial look. Don't expect a huge club. A maximum of 25 guests can take part in the events. We think it's small but very nice! In addition to an open bar area, there is a cabin, a St. Andrew's cross and new also a sling. You can definitely live out enough here. Our French is not very good. With a mixture of German, English and French you communicate here and easily meet new boys in gear. We definitely had our fun. There were sexy boys (not just older men as many of you probably suspect), smelly socks to sniff and we leave the rest to your imagination. If we can somehow, we will also take part in one of the parties in the current year.

A little tip: There is a good hotel in a small village very close to the location. From there, a post bus actually leads to the party and back late in the evening (runs until around 2 a.m.). A bit of adventure, but works great. If you need more information, just ask us or contact the association. The guys are very open and happy to help.

In our opinion, the concept on a small scale has great potential. We are convinced that you will soon have to fight to get admission at the party!

Information about the club and the parties: www.swissgayfetish.com

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Vinc sniffing at the party :-D Source: swissgayfetish.com

Do you know any other clubs or parties apart from the big labels where it is definitely worth going to? Write it in the comments!