Worn Twinkx sox

New popular brand from Germany known for the cool nylon gear. Not only are the nylon clothes eye-catching, the sox are also very sexy. We believe this brand has a big future ahead of it. Sox are already smelly but after Subs order we will wear them again some days. Guess you like that kind of smell, right?


After subs payment we will wear the sox once again for perfect smell. Sub will receive a neutral package by mail.


Good to know
Sox will not have any pet hair or piss - only hard smell for stupid little sub haha. While we wear the socks for perfect smell we'll keep you updated with some pics of them!

Worn Twinkx sox

  • Size

    43 - 46

  • Worn by

    both master

  • Worn

    The socks were worn together with the nylon gear at some hot parties. Perfect smell guaranteed. Excactly what a sub needs. Get them now!