Worn jersey

Do you need the smell of master really intensely? Sniff his long worn smelly jersey shirt! You've never been so close to master. What an honor to wear and sniff his jersey.  Adidas or Nike? It´s your decision. Depending on availability, master wears a black or white jersey of the choosen brand. But colour is not the important thing right sub? Its all about the smell. Socks, shorts and jersey: now the sub has the opportunity to have everything from master.


After subs payment we will start to wear the jersey. When the smell is good enough, sub will receive a neutral package by mail.


Jersey will have a nice smell of sweat as we wear it during work and when doing sport. If you are into other "adds" let us know. Pictures show some styles of jerseys. After placing your order you will receive a photo of the jersey that is worn for you. 

Worn jersey

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    You decide wheter both of us should wear or only one. Let us know leaving a comment  in the corresponding field during the order.

  • Worn

    We will wear the Jersey day and night. During work, at the gym and at leisure. Maybe also during some kinky actions haha.